Fintech Start-Up Amplify Allows Users To Donate Money As They Shop

November 19, 2021 | 2 minutes read

The recently launched fintech startup Amplify allows users to donate money to climate charities as they shop.

The new climate donation app Amplify enables and empowers the network of sustainable brands to provide a personalized donation experience to climate charities. The startup is recently been launched in the UK and Ireland. 

The app works in a quite simple manner. The sustainable brands sign up to Amplify’s donation network, which enables their customers to earn a free donation for the climate charity of their choice on every purchase. Here each customer creates their Amplify account. In the process of making an account, users must choose climate cause partners to support. 

The app securely links the user’s existing debit or credit card to Amplify via card-linking technology. 

Image Credits: Maddyness

 It is like a normal online shopping process except that 2% of the total transaction is automatically donated to the brand chosen cause via Amplify at no added cost.

Customers can choose from various climate causes to support like biodiversity, carbon reduction, climate activism and ocean conservation, and much more.

Conor O’Laoire and David Beakey in their interview with Maddyness while talking about their startup said

“We started brainstorming how technology could be leveraged to help tackle climate change. A silver lining from the pandemic was the consumer shift towards sustainability. This forced us to really think about how we could pivot to tackle this problem on a larger scale. The recent surge in conscious consumerism showed us that so many people and businesses are already leading the way in taking climate action, and this army of changemakers is rapidly growing. We thought: “what if we could help them to accelerate their climate action? What potential impact could we drive if we could help each person double, or even treble their own impact?”

The startup supported by the Irish Government through Enterprise Ireland is providing personalized charity facilities to climate charities

 Online payments and transactions have exponentially increased the use of fintech apps among people. According to an estimate, there is a 72% rise in fintech apps since the pandemic. And Amplify using its fintech app to promote sustainable shopping is surely an applaudable step ahead towards a sustainable environment.

Story Credits: Finextra