Fintech Company Raison Aims to Provide Investment Solutions

December 29, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Estonian fintech company, Raison, raises $900 thousand in the latest seed funding round with the aim to improve investment solutions.

Joining top-tier capital deals has always been difficult for retail investors. To solve this problem, Raison allows its users to invest in top-tier companies with very cheap deals. With this idea, the company has recently raised $900 thousand in seed funding.

The latest seed funding round was led by server partners. It is important to note that the company raised $150 thousand from an angel investor in 2020. Therefore, the current funding has taken the overall funding for the company to almost $1150 thousand.

The startup has taken help from blockchain technology to develop the first such legal application.  With this, the small-scale retailers are now capable of investing in top-tier companies like Klarna, SpaceX, etc.

Raison Application UI
Credits: Raison

The fintech company has observed that offering new deals has been very beneficial for the startup. As per the reports shared by the company, it offered 10 new deals in 2021 and its sales went up more than 3 times. And the user base of Raison increased to 17000 globally. Moreover, the annual turnover of the company is also expected to cross $1 million by the end of the current year.

Additionally, Alexander Zaytsev founded the company in 2017. And, above shared details clearly show how popular and successful the startup has been. Moreover, Raison is the pioneer of the idea of digitized company shares. It introduced this idea in 2019  when the platform opened a pilot project with SpaceX.

There is no doubt that, especially, the fintech industry has seen massive growth in 2021. This is why fintech mobile application development is trending. Assessing the potential of the idea, the startup was ranked among the top 5 fintech startups of TechCrunch. Moreover, the startup was also among the top 10 startups of Europe as identified by Startup Grind.

“Before we entered the market with our innovative solution, late-stage venture investments were available solely to accredited investors with a high amount of capital,” – says Raison founder and CEO Alex Zaytsev.

However, the company is aiming to make its innovative solution available easily. With this investment Raison plans to expand into other fintech markets of Europe and increase its overall presence.