Financial Education Platform For Women, Your Juno Raises $2.2M To Thin Gender Money Gap

March 02, 2022 | 2 minutes read

Financial Education Platform For Women, Your Juno Raises $2.2M To Thin Gender Money Gap

With only 2.2% of funding going to female founders in 2021, this year seems to be kicking off differently. As the female-led startup, Your Juno has raised $2.2M for its financial education platform that aims to reduce the gender-based money gap

This Gen Z led startup gathered money in a round led by InReach Venture with the participation of Mustard Seed Maze, Digital Currency Group,  RLC,  and Sie Ventures. Pre-dominantly, also including the female angel investors like Rupa Popat (ex-director of RBC), Elissa Grey (Senior Vice President at Essence), RaeHyun Koh (portfolio manager at Goldman Sachs), and Antonie Sakho (head of product at Busuu).

This funding is really vital as analysis of financial media articles by Starling portrays that women have less financial education in comparison to men. As 73% of the articles targeting men spoke about investing whilst 90% of women talked about spending less without any knowledge of investing.

This actually indicates that there is a whopping gender money gap in which women earn and own less than men. However, with the increase in Fintech platforms offering child investment like Nosso, fintech startups helping Saas business and neo banks like Monite, etc it is highly important for women to have the financial education to progress in this digital landscape.

However, the financial education platform, Your Juno launched in October last year aims to create education and awareness among women regarding financial matters. The startup offers a range of topics including property, saving for retirement, and saving. 

The video courses are taught by money experts which are representatives of women and non-binary people that are present in its 8000 robust online community. Also, including the author of Black Girl Finance Selina Flavius, and Elie Austin-the author of This Girl Talks Money.

Alexia de Broglie, the co-founder of Your Juno, talking about women’s financial independence and her startup said: “Wealth is about far more than owning a nice house and being able to jet off on a nice holiday. For the majority of women, wealth equals freedom. Freedom to pursue education, to leave a toxic relationship, or to start a business. We want to give women and non-binary people the financial knowledge and confidence to build their wealth – and ultimately rest assured they have the freedom to pursue a life that empowers them.”