Facebook Releases Horizontal Display Tool To Woo Sellers In E-Commerce Market

October 05, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Facebook is testing  horizontal display tool to help the sellers in providing more context on paid promotions.

Facebook reportedly is testing a new feature of horizontal scrolling display to provide more context on paid promotion. Facebook previously,  has released the list of E-Commerce tools to facilitate the businesses.

This feature will be quite beneficial as it will help the advertisers in giving more  information like location, page followers, and user check below the visual ad in the horizontal bar. With this, Facebook has also added more context to its  option “Why Am I Seeing This”. Now  the ad information panels will display how advertiser has reached and targeted the user. The sole advantage of this new test is “immediacy”.Facebook has  also applied improved ad ID measures  too, they help the user to extract more information about the marketer, users by only tapping through can get full information. Thus, helping the E-Commerce platforms in achieving the trust of their customer.

The reason for the Facebook moving towards E-Commerce is because of the bulging growth in this industry. Especially, after the pandemic, the landscape of buying and selling has completely transformed. As most of the people now prefer E-Commerce websites and apps for purchasing as well as selling thus giving rise to the development of E-Commerce platforms. Also, Facebook is not the first social media platform that wants to grab its fair share of the E-Commerce market. Last month, TikTok announced the release of  its own separate E-Commerce platform similar to Ali Baba’s Ali Express. Other than this, recently LinkedIn, Instagram and WhatsApp have released different E-Commerce tools too.