Facebook launches 4 new Ecommerce Features

June 25, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Facebook has launched new ecommerce features to allow online businesses to further expand their reach and attain new customers through enhanced product discovery. Similar features are also being introduced for Whatsapp and Instagram.

Since a lot of customers have started turning to these apps to find products and latest trends, these features would not only benefit businesses, but also customers.

It has been reported that 74% consumers make use of Facebook to shop online. However, not all categories of retail are able to make the most out of the Facebook shop feature.  Majority of the people are only interested in buying electronics, beauty, and fashion products that they found on Facebook first.

However, the new update is expected to boost businesses for other categories as well, providing more opportunities for retailers. 

Let’s have a look at the features that are being added.

Facebook Shops in More Places

Products would be added to shop tabs Facebook and Instagram once a Facebook shop is set up. More than a billion people are reported in using Facebook marketplace every month, hence this would help increase businesses connect with more customers. 

Customer Reviews

Users would be allowed to include ratings and reviews based on their shopping experience with the shop on Instagram. This feature will also allow users to leave photo and video reviews, as well as written reviews.

Facebook says in an announcement: “We always want shoppers to feel confident in the purchases they make, so we’re giving people more information before they buy…

These changes will help people make more informed decisions on what to buy, and will let businesses know if they are meeting customer expectations.”

Personalized Shop Ads

Another feature that Facebook is working on are new personalized shop ads to provide product suggestion to users based on their likes and preferences. These ads would help customers find goods and services based on their interest, which would be generated by analyzing their previous shopping patterns.

Expanded Access to AR Try-On Feature

Augmented reality implementation is Facebook in-store shopping experience is bound to be a game changer for Facebook marketplace for ecommerce. This feature would allow users to virtually try out products before they actually head on and purchase them. Fashion and beauty are the two categories that would get to implement this feature first.

The company is working on creating new  application programming interfaces to make this feature more accessible and affordable for online shops.