Facebook at loggerheads with Tik Tok

August 23, 2021 | 3 minutes read

Facebook’s new feature  “Facebook Reels” is here to challenge the Chinese owned  world famous video platform Tik Tok.

 The social media giant Facebook has decided to challenge Tik Tok, one of the fastest growing video sharing platforms in the US by releasing its new feature which enables the users to  create and share short-form video content within daily Feed or within Facebook Groups.

Image by Facebook: Reel in Groups


Facebook also said that it will test the new feature that will give Instagram users in the US the option to have their Instagram Reel shown as recommended content on Facebook. If the users choose this option then their video will appear in the Reels section in the user’s News Feed, alongside the other Reels made on Facebook.

Users will be  able to create Reels by tapping on  “Create” button from the Reels section that shows as  scrolling the News Feed or whilst  watching Reels or by tapping on Reels at the top of the News Feed.

Here the users will gain access to the various tools like video capture , and camera roll import etc. And for audio you can either select a song from Facebook’s music library  or you can also record or use someone else’s audio. There are also a range of tools to choose from with inclusion of a timer and also featuring a number of augmented reality effects.

Image by Facebook: sharing  Instagram Reels to Facebook

The Reels will be recommended to users on the basis of what people are interested in, what they engage with.This rule will be applied to both the Instagram and Facebook Reels.

Moreover, for existing Reels creators who want  Facebook’s large audience, the new option will allow them to opt-in to have Reels shared to Facebook. This could be really useful for those producing more general reel content. The  shared reel will also display the creator’s real name.

It seems Tik Tok will face tough times as Facebook in the future also plans to launch Tik Tok like “side by side videos” feature called Duets. The user interface for Reels may also evolve over the course of time to look different from Instagram Reels.

Tik Tok is one of the fastest growing app in USA thus proving to be great threat to Facebook market.