Edtech Startup Tomorrow’s Education Is All Geared Up For Its Metaverse Campus, With €3.4 Million Funding

February 24, 2022 | 2 minutes read

The Edtech startup Tomorrow’s Education is ready to fuel its project of metaverse campus with €3.4 million funding. 

Berlin-based startup Tomorrow Education with the aim to redesign education to learn differently and facilitate its users to grow limitlessly has gathered €3.4 million in funding. The funding round was led by Mediahuis Ventures.  The other investors present were European Education Fund Emerge Education with a number of angel investors Verena Pausder, Celine Flores Willers, and Kai Roemmelt.

With the help of its state-of-the-art mobile-first learning platform, the startup exercises the vision of empowering 1 million people in terms of education by 2030.  It also allows its users to have data-driven instant feedback to increase the users’ personal study progress. From anywhere in the world the users can gain a Professional Mater’s degree in sustainability, technology, and Entrepreneurship which is double-accredited in Europe and the US. 

Indubitably, the edtech world has transformed a lot with the development of edtech apps and software. As per stats, the EdTech market is expected to reach a value of $605.40 billion by 2027. Yet, with metaverse entering into the field of marketing, etc it seems like edtech is also going to be transformed with the inculcation of the metaverse, and Tomorrow’s Education can be said as a first test case to witness how metaverse will change the Edtech field. The young startup was founded by Christian Rebernik and Thumes Funke in 2020. 

Christian Rebernik the co-founder of Edtech startup  explaining the power of his technology  said:

Christian Rebernik, the co-founder of Tomorrow’s Education, explained: “We have developed a cutting-edge learning platform that offers a revolutionary approach to education. We believe in learning by doing rather than simply taking offline learning to an online platform. Our short, bite-sized 7 to15 minute long lessons are designed for students to learn while simultaneously making an impact in their personal ventures and careers. The challenge-based, remote-first learning method ensures that our students gain practical knowledge and real-world experience throughout their studies.”