EdTech Startup Algooru Nets $1.8M Seed

July 01, 2022 | 2 minutes read

EdTech startup Algooru gathers funding of  $1.8M to widen its scope.

KSA based EdTech startup AlGooru raises funding of $1.8M with the participation of RAZ Group, RZM Investment, 100 Ventures, and RAY Investment. With inclusion of esteemed angel investors from Oqal Angel Investors. Founded in 2021 by Khalid Abou Kassem the online platform connects students with a pool of private tutors on-demand.

In just 3 simple clicks,  students can harmoniously connect with tutors on demand . Pursuing its aim to connect  students with tutors in a seamless manner, keeping in view the ease and diversity of offerings-the startup is bound to grow because of the increase in demand of online education especially after Covid. A recent study also indicates growth of education software that is projected to reach $350 billion by 2025.

As also evident from the growing number of Edtech startups such as Knowunity, Tomorrows Education, Kouncel, Qureos, Playbook, and Ahura AI.

AlGooru being an efficient platform aims to further connect with a wider network of partners that will enable the exchange of best practice knowledge to improve. Furthermore, the edtech startups target an A-class team of talents that is focused on changing the game for the private tutoring arena. Startup’s Head of Product, Omer Awad describes

“Technology is the future, and adapting to the continuous high-tech novelty will transform education. Our team is rapidly expanding and through the wealth of data that we’ve accumulated, we know what the market needs and how we can capitalize on it.”

 The funding will help AlGooru to expand its growth so its services can facilitate a maximum number of students. AlGooru’s founder, Khalid Abou Kassem, on said:

 “While EdTech is lucrative, it’s still an unattractive industry for many in our ecosystem. Deal numbers can justify this. But we’re changing that. All while building a solution that will modernize and upgrade how complementary education is delivered in our region, one step at a time.”