EdTech Start Up Ahura AI Raises $3 Million to Optimize Employee Learning

November 09, 2021 | 2 minutes read

The San Francisco-based EdTech startup Ahura AI has closed a $3 million seed funding round.

Ahura AI, an Ed-tech startup that allows professionals to stay relevant as automatization is becoming common has bagged $3 million in a seed funding round.

With the advancement in workplace automation, the members of the company must continue to gain new skills to stay ahead. Ahura AI aids businesses in optimizing employee learning with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This funding comes from CP- ventures as well as 2.12 Ventures. The company aims to become the trusted platform for knowledge training and wants to foster a corporate culture for competitive advantage.

Image Credits: Grit Daily.com

Founded in 2018 by entrepreneur Bryan Talebi. The startup company focuses on the utilization of AI to improve the ways in which employees are taught new skills. The company uses a combination of machine learning, biometric reading, and voice recognition to observe the way the users comprehend the knowledge and then makes changes to the teaching program accordingly.

The main idea behind the initiation of this startup is to use AI to analyze employees’ body language.  Then decide which skills or information are proving to be difficult for the users to learn. The data obtained by EdTech is then used by start-ups to restructure online learning in accordance with the needs of the individual employees.

The EdTech startup has also announced the joining of some famous names like Alex Tsado, the former product manager at multinational technology company Nvidia as COO. At the same time, De Kai was announced as the new Chief Technology Advisor.

The acceleration of automation has prompted the need for employees to be equipped with the latest skills and technical knowledge. The 2019 McKinsey Global Institute Report, states that by 2030 an estimated 800M jobs around the globe will be lost due to workforce automation. The rapid innovation in technology is creating new tasks at a faster pace, and employees who are unable to acquire new skills quickly will also lose their jobs. Here the AI learning platforms can aid in the efficient and effective learning of new skills especially in terms of technology.