ECommerce Startup LiveBuy raises €4.9 to Promote Live Shopping

December 09, 2021 | 2 minutes read

In the seed funding round, Berlin-based eCommerce startup, LiveBuy, raises €4.9 with the aim to promote live shopping services across countries. 

There is no doubt that online shopping is trending in every country these days. However, the Berlin-based shopping startup made a great addition by introducing teleshopping. With the idea of teleshopping, the startup has enabled smartphones to create a live shopping experience. This innovative idea has helped the company to raise €4.9 million in seed funding.

The seed funding round was led by RTP global. However, other angel investors also participated in the round. The idea behind LiveBuy is very innovative. It allows the companies and retailers to operate live video shopping on their own. Moreover, they can also integrate them into their online marketplace and websites for better management.

Especially after the episode of Covid-19, the market size of e-commerce has increased manifold. As per the reports, the market of eCommerce has reached $26.9 trillion which is mainly fueled by pandemics. Therefore, the development of online shopping web and mobile applications also became a trend.

However, shopping from live streams has injected a new soul into this already successful trend. This has already taken off in Asia and the USA and has begotten very positive results. Companies are using Big Data to further improve the user experience and enhance their retention.  However, this is still a new category and LIVEBUY is one of the new eCommerce startups of this nature.

The startup has been a great success since its inception. It has a very diverse and influential client base. Its customers include Lidl and MediaMarktSaturn, and celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Miranda Kerr, and Jessica Alba are a few of the early adopters of the LIVEBUY application.

Alex von Harsdorf, CEO and Co-Founder of LIVEBUY, said: “It’s been an incredible first year for LIVEBUY, as we gained strong momentum from the get-go. For the next stage we aim to put Creators on the center stage of shoppable live streams as we believe that whoever wins the hearts of the best Live Video Shopping Creators, will win this market. We are delighted to have secured such a prestigious partner as RTP Global, who brings years of experience in e-commerce and media, as well as an international perspective.”

As per the latest reports, the startup will use the current funding to enhance the scope of its services and further improve its software to ensure the best services in the European market.