Ecommerce StartUp Hamples That Lets Users “Try Before They Buy” Has Raised Pre-Seed Funding

January 21, 2022 | 2 minutes read

The UAE-based Ecommerce startup Hamples gives users free samples before they buy something. The company has raised an undisclosed amount of funding.

Globally, the ecommerce market is on an exponential rise as by 2023, it’s estimated that ecommerce purchases will rise from 14.1% to 22%.  The main reason for this growth is the massive production of ecommerce apps and software.

Indubitably, the ease and convenience brought to shoppers forecast the wide expansion of this market. This is one of the main reasons why investors are pouring their money into innovative ecommerce startups. As recently startup Hamples which allows users to try stuff before they buy has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Nama Ventures.

Hamples is a novel digital sampling platform sculpted to simplify the product discovery process for customers. It is unique as it helps the brands in increasing the efficiency of their sampling process with the aid of technology. The startup has been incubated in In5Tech (TECOM Group) Dubai which enables a platform for startups, entrepreneurs, fostering innovation and aiding the new ideas reach the marketplace.

Right now, United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the largest ecommerce market with growth projected to reach US$11,981m this year. And startups are playing a huge role in this bulging growth. As of last week,  another UAE-based ecommerce startup named Shorages gathered funds of 700k. But Hample is quite unique as it works on match technology which allows the brands to precisely target the right audience for their sampling activities. So that the consumers can engage with new products and services in just one click and get their preferred samples on their doorsteps.

In addition to this, Hample is quite easy to use. As users just have to register and order free samples. Other than this, the new samples are added every Tuesday thus giving businesses an opportunity to submit and users to see the renewed list. There are various offline and online channels to buy but there is none Try Before you buy.  

Despite the advancement in technology many brands still depend upon the traditional methods of sampling to generate trials, which is a proven strategy to create awareness, drive sales and build long time customer loyalty. Hamples enables brands to increase their customer base by the inculcation of trust.