Rapidly Growing E-Commerce Personalization Platform Rebuy Is Powering Shopify Merchants

December 20, 2021 | 2 minutes read

The Minneapolis-based E-Commerce startup Rebuy is serving thousands of Shopify merchants and direct-to-consumer brands.

Rebuy is a US-based startup that helps brands and merchants make informed decisions by using its AI-powered software.

The startup helps companies by harnessing the power of data provided by the company’s actual customers to drive insights that aid companies in making informed decisions,  and also create advanced recommendations. 

Rebuy claims that it utilizes consumer intelligence to steer consumers into action that helps the businesses in earning more revenue through product discovery, purchasing behavior, and average order value. Other than this, the startup has various ready-made merchandising solutions that users can employ right away. Subsequently helping them in earning additional revenue in minutes. These per se tools cover the entire customer journey from thank you page to home page and beyond. In addition to this, it allows seamless personalization plus has a suite of offsite engagement and retention solutions. This allows the users to follow up with consumers that can help the businesses in consumer retention.

The E-Commerce personalization platform previous week has also announced the funding of $4.4 million in a seed round. Indubitably, E-Commerce businesses are growing at an exponential rate. Because especially after the pandemic we depend upon E-Commerce platforms for our grocery and clothing, etc. This has also led to the development of E-Commerce software and apps eventually tools and solutions too that can help the owners comprehend customers’ needs and wants.

The startup initiated its operations in 2017 and after years of bootstrapping has now secured such a large amount of funding.  It was founded by Jhon Erck and James Van Erck. The company has 18 employees and its AI-powered software is right now being used by 2,700 Shopify users as well as many direct-to-consumer brands. According to the company’s press release Rebuy has also successfully tripled its revenue and has increased its customer base more than double in the past 12 months. The startup is quite excited about its new funding and Rebuy says that it will use the new capital to grow the startup’s engineering and sales teams. The startup seems  excited to receive this funding and said:

“We are thrilled to earn the backing of Peterson Ventures and Sidekick Partners,” Erck said in a statement. “Their support will help us continue to empower merchants of all sizes to accelerate growth with onsite personalization.”

Story Credits:  Twin Cities Business