Start Up Droppe, The Online Marketplace For Industrial Buyers Nets €2.2 Million Funding

February 04, 2022 | 2 minutes read

Finish online marketplace Droppe is a one stop shop for European industrial wholesale. It also aims to steer sellers and buyers towards online platforms.

B2B sales as per the Gartner report estimates that 80% of the sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will take place in digital channels such as online marketplaces by 2025. Because of this global shift, the major concern that industrial buyers face is finding and stocking operating supplies that are low in cost. And startup Droppe is helping the buyers and suppliers to shift towards online marketplaces.

The Finnish startup was founded in 2020 by Henrik Helenius and Johannes Salmisaari. Because of its innovative idea of addressing the major concern of European industrial buyers which is finding and stocking operating supplies, the startup has garnered the attention of investors.

As recently the online marketplace has raised €2.2 million funding in the round led by  Lifeline Ventures. Also, joined by angel investors Ilkka Paananen (CEO & Co-founder of Supercell) and Miki Kuusi (CEO & Co-founder of Wolt). 

The young company has made an online market that directly connects the European industrial equipment manufacturers with the buyers. It also helps the industrial operators in finding, stocking, and operating.

Here, with the help of Droppe, the buyers can buy in bulk, order products for industrial and food manufacturing. There is a wide range of products on this platform from aprons, and protective gloves etc.  

The online marketplace also envisions to make the European wholesale industry more connected by creating smaller supply chains. In addition to owning a small supply chain, exercising a digital presence has become an essential need for businesses too especially associated with buying and selling. This has caused an exponential increase in ecommerce platforms and mobile app development. This expediated rise is also due to the bulging online customers each and every day. As per the stats, there will be 291.2 million online shoppers in the US alone by 2025. 

Interestingly, this sudden increase has also led to the inculcation of new technologies to facilitate the customers. Such as the use of Artificial Intelligence and Big data in ecommerce. 

Johannes Salmisaari, the CEO and Co-founder of Droppe, explicating the bulging trend of online users, insertion of technology, and talking about his startup said:

 “As industrial wholesale moves online, more and more industrial buyers will be looking for new ways to bulk order products via the internet. Droppe is the first in the market to build a European industrial wholesale marketplace, a mission that we are excited to continue building and expanding with new resources. Our vision is to create a trustworthy community of European buyers and manufacturers and through that, build a stronger European wholesale market.”