Digital Authentication Startup, Nice To Meet You Raises $1M Seed Funding

December 30, 2021 | 2 minutes read

The UAE-based digital authentication startup Nice to Meet You, founded in 2019 has successfully raised seed funding.

StartUp Nice To Meet You, which provides its clients with the set of tools to use to authenticate employees, customers, and members’ identity has raised seed funding. The startup will use this funding to hire new talent and improve its customer experience.

For now, the start-up offers authenticating identities of employees, customers, and members but wants to improve its services. This includes organizational IDs, access cards, insurance cards, and membership cards.  The seed round saw the participation from  Saudi group investors, the Pure Group. 

The gulf region has recently witnessed the growth of startups mainly because of a pandemic. As strict lockdowns and restrictions increased the use of mobile apps and software. And as far as UAE is concerned it is surely going to be the hotspot of startups as UAE Minister of State for Entrepreneurship and SMEs, Ahmad al-Falasi recently said in his statement that UAE aims to become home to 20 startups worth $1 billion each known as “Unicorn” in the next decade.

StartUp Nice to Meet you, initially started off as a business card exchange process.  But the idea further expanded when the company’s founder realized that there was a large demand in the market to fill.  As in the coming years, 7 out of 10 organizations plan to employ digital authentication technology with their employee IDs, access cards, and business cards. The startup aims to progress and wants to fulfill its goal by gaining new partners and customers.  

The company now wants to garner the attention of more investors and aims for series A funding in the coming year. The CEO Mohamad Baydoun appreciated the investors and termed the current funding as a big milestone achieved. Furthermore, its mission is to empower companies to achieve more freedom by identification solutions with control over security.  Currently, the startup has 2-10 employees

Story Credits: Magnitt