DevOps Cloud Platform, Render, Secures $20M in Series A

November 23, 2021 | 2 minutes read

With an aim to support developers with cheap cloud managing infrastructure, DevOps cloud platform Render raises $20M in Series A funding.

As per the latest reports, Render has raised $20M in a Series A funding round led by Addition. However, existing partners of Render, General Catalyst, and South Park Commons also participated in the round.

Render is a San-Fransisco-based startup, that aims to help developers especially in small companies. Because the smaller companies normally do not have bigger DevOps teams. But they still want to take advantage of modern technologies in the cloud platforms. It helps them by providing them with less costly alternatives. These alternatives also remove a lot of complexity in managing the cloud infrastructure. That’s why even businesses are focussing on DevOps to automate and make their cloud performance top-notch.

DevOps cloud platform services
Source: Render

Other than that, even big companies struggle in developing required DevOps when they run applications on the cloud. It ultimately means that the required resources will charge them very high for their services to manage and build out infrastructure on AWS.

“AWS and other large providers were built for the 2000s when managing infrastructure was the norm at every company, while the big three offerings require expensive and scarce DevOps engineering resources to manage, we offer simplicity and a world-class developer experience at a fraction of the cost,” said CEO Anurag Goel.

The DevOps cloud management platform, Render, will help mitigate these problems. There are different other big names in the market providing more or less the same solutions but at a higher cost. Therefore, Render faced challenges in the beginning. However, Addition realized the potential of the platform and became the first investor of the company with a small investment.

Moreover, the company has also raised $4.5 million in a seed round in October 2020. With the current fundraiser, the overall funding of the company has reached $26.75 million.

Currently, Render has 35 employees. Therefore, the company is planning to use the new funds to increase its employees three times and focus acutely on customer and product growth. Moreover, the company is also focussing on increasing its data center footprint to at least 10 new regions. Because solutions provided by DevOps are highly in-demand these days.