DeepJudge Aims to Improve Its AI Powered Legal Document Processing Platform

December 15, 2021 | 2 minutes read

A legal tech platform, DeepJudge, raises CHF 150,000 to advance its AI-powered legal document processing platform. 

Lawyers and legal teams face problems in managing and processing legal documents because it also consumes a lot of time. DeepJudge provides a next-generation and AI-powered platform to process legal documents. The startup has secured CHF 150,000 from Venture Kick with this idea to further expand and improve its services.

The legal sector is sluggish in every region of the world. This is because of the criticalities involved in the processes. The processing and management of legal documents subsume important resources. These tasks are daily life tasks that can be automated. The startup claims to be the future of the legal profession.

A big advantage for the startup is that it is founded by four experts in machine learning. It was founded in 2021 by Paulina Grnarova, Kevin Roth, Florian Schmidt, and Yannic Kilcher. The founders have 20+ years of experience in deep learning and natural language processing cumulatively. With this experience, the platform provides unprecedented efficiency which gives it a big competitive advantage.

Moreover, the platform also smartify the documents. It processes the legal documents and also augments them with externally available data. This involved court rulings, codes of law, and other things such as encyclopedias. This makes the whole process just a single click away.

Similarly, the context-sensitive anonymization feature of the platform allows the users to upload any text document.  AI-powered algorithms of the platform then assess the documents and anonymize sensitive information based on context. The users can edit and extract this document afterward.

Deep down, it is artificial intelligence that enables DeepJudge to make its platform stand out in the market. There is not even a single iota of doubt that AI is playing important role in automating and providing digital solutions in the education, healthcare, and eCommerce sector as well. However, the platform is currently targeting law firms, courts, and other legal departments. The target sector of DeepJudge has a worth of EUR 1 billion.

Currently, DeepJudge has partnered with some Swiss-based companies to explore the power of AI to enhance its document processing ability. However, with the new funds, the company is aiming to enhance its footprint and target the German market in the near future.