Dalma Nets €15M To Launch Its Pet Insurance App

June 02, 2022 | 3 minutes read

The French startup claws on €15 million to release its super pet insurance app and is ready to disrupt the traditional pet insurance experience.

Pet owners around the world consider their pets as part of their family  and their health is just as important as the owners. Increasingly, people are adopting animals and are set to invest in all aspects of pet care-from insurance to how they are fed.

Also, with 200 million cats and dogs in European households in 2021 and a population now increasing more than ever. The pet care sector has become over a €30 billion industry in Europe- subsequently giving generation to the Pet Tech sector.

Many platforms and apps are appearing to support the Pet Tech to make pet care more accessible. One such startup is Dalma, which by the launch of its new app is transforming the landscape of pet insurance with personalized coverage and has also recently raised €15 million.

The startup received this investment in a round led by  Northzone, and saw participation from Project A and Anterra Capital.  Along with existing investors Global Founders Capital, Kima Ventures, Frst and other angel investors such as Olivier Bonnet (CTO of Blablacar), Sam Edelson (ex- director of product management at Airbnb),  Julien Gigoi (chief actuary of Luko).  To date the startup has raised €17 million.

With personalized coverage, fast reimbursement, unlimited vet chats and charity-driven benefits. The startup aims to launch an app that will aggregate new services  such as unlimited video calls, direct payments to vets, personalized content and an e-commerce marketplace that will enable the pet parents to find day to day pet products just via one click.

pet insurance app dalma
Dalma founders. Image Credits: Dalma

Launched in 2021, by Alban de Préville, Raphaël Sadaka and Harry Belinga, Dalma is the fastest growing health insurance for dogs and cats in France. The company, unlike any other Insurtech has the fastest refund method, and live chat feature (with vets) too with a charity linked  insurance. Thus, incessantly consolidating the families all around the world

Alban De Préville, Co-founder of Dalma said:

 –“Our cats and dogs are no longer pets, they’re family. In 2020, 68% of pet owners consider their pets to be family members in France and 95% think pets have rights. We believe the time is right for us to scale our platform and make Dalma available to all pet owners in France and across Europe.”-

All cats and dogs between the ages of 3 months and 9 years can obtain a Dalma subscription. And once subscribed they are covered for life, also there is no age limit.

Moreover, the pet owner will pay monthly which will not increase after the pet is 8 years old. But the owner must be domiciled in France with pet having an identification number in the form of a chip or tatto.