Cybersecurity Training Platform Hoxhunt Nets $40M To Help Bust Cyber Attacks

May 31, 2022 | 2 minutes read

The Finnish Cybersecurity training platform hunts down $40 million to help companies in equipping their employees to fight cyber attacks.

With an aim to provide personalized training experience to employees so that company’s can fight cyber threats efficiently. A company named Hoxhunt has gathered funding of $40 million. Indubitably, cybercrime is manifesting itself in its worst form urging the investors to open their wallets towards cyber security startups and firms. As of recently, another startup Cyscale  caught  investment of €3M.

Hoxhunt due to its innovative solution of rewarding the employees for reporting simulated and real email threats using machine learning has become popular. Subsequently, helping it in reaching its Series B funding  round led by Level Equity Management along with the participation from This new injection of funds will drive its growth into new markets particularly North America.

cybersecurity training platform hoxhunt team
Hoxhunt team. Image

The startup founded by Mika Aalto, Pyry Åvist, Karri Kurunmäki and Pasi Salo in 2016 has raised $43 million to date.  Incessantly,  working on a mission to reduce the human risk by rewriting the rules of cybersecurity training.

Moreover,  adapting to each employee’s skill level, the gamified platform empowers individuals with confidence and tools to discern and recognize cyber attacks. Thus, making the good email cyber security a habit plus also creating millions of individualized phishing email simulations.

As Hoxhunt CEO Mika Aalto terming emails as the biggest threat for companies said

-“Email is the biggest threat to enterprise security. That’s why human nature is the most important cybersecurity challenge to solve, instead of building incrementally better mousetraps at the technical perimeter.”-

The people first security platform lightens the load for security teams and upskills the whole organizations with unprecedented engagement rates.

In short, assisting the companies to secure themselves from the imminent threat of cybersecurity hovering over their heads. That has also been termed as #2 global risk second only to fiscal threats.