You can now control your android phone with the help of facial expressions

August 16, 2021 | 2 minutes read

The new android accessibility feature allows you to control your phone with the use of facial expressions.

The latest Android 12 beta includes the new feature that will let you control your phone by using facial expressions like a smile or raised eyebrow.The “camera switch” feature has come with the version 12 of the Android’s Accessibility suite app, released alongside the Android 12’s fourth beta. However, the  new version of the application is not available on Google play, but there is an APK  to side load if you want to try.

According to The Verge, facial expressions which include looking left, right or up are pretty useful in accessing the  number of controls. Like viewing quick settings or notifications, scrolling, and going home. This feature can hopefully eliminate the potential for accidental activation. However the feature is power-intensive and it is ideal that the phone is plugged whilst it’s in use.

How does this feature work?

The beta version 12.0.0 of the Android  Accessibility Suite included with Android 12 beta 4 contains the new camera switch feature. This feature uses the front camera to see if you are looking at the screen and recognises facial gestures thus triggering facial actions on your phone.

For example you can open your mouth to bring up the notification panel or raise an eyebrow to return to the home screen. In addition to all of this you can also customise the size and time duration of the face gesture. When it is in use, you will see a notification icon telling you that your phone camera is being utilised. The screenshots below can show you the list of expressions.

Image: The Verge
Image: Android Authority

Android undoubtedly has some of the best and most useful accessibility tools like voice commands  that aid people with disabilities.And this feature can be quite useful for people  to use mobile phones in quite easy and efficient manner.