Climate Tech Startup Treepoints Nets Funding of €178K To Aid Companies In Reducing Their Carbon Footprint

February 15, 2022 | 2 minutes read

Climate tech startup, Treepoints is on a mission to simplify climate action by helping companies in reducing their carbon footprint.

Treepoints, a climate tech startup has taken the all-new revolutionary approach in grappling with the climate crisis. Launched in 2020, by Anthony Collias and Jacob Wedderburn-Day, the startup recently has gathered funding of €178K  in a round led by Charlotte Street Capital. Also, witnessing the participation of decorated Olympians Alistair and Jonny Brownleee.

Climate tech startups are growing exponentially to mitigate the climate crises. As of last year, another startup Amplify launched its services which allowed the users to donate money to climate charities as they shop.

However, the UK-based startup, Treepoints with an aim to simplify climate action, has seamless API integration which helps the startups, companies, and businesses in automating the purchase of trees.

Additionally, the API can also help companies to gain insights and impact statistics regarding their total impact on the environment. Like total tonnes of CO2e removal and the total number of trees planted.

Furthermore, by procuring the data from the World Bank and  World Wildlife Federation, the Treepoints calculates the businesses and individuals carbon footprint via a carbon calculator. And after the estimation of carbon footprint, the users and businesses can subscribe to the comprehensive Treepoints subscription consisting of various portfolios of tree planting, offsetting, and recycling ocean-bound plastic assessed by UN certified sustainable projects. 

Treepoints also encourages that we should play our due role in reducing climate impact. Moreover, the startup believes that this can be done in  two possible ways 

  1. By collecting ocean-bound plastic and planting trees.
  2. Also, carbon offsetting can help in the reduction of carbon footprint.

In short, making the climate action more accessible. Jacob Wedderburn-Day the founder of the startup said in this regard: “We help people understand their carbon footprint and then do something about it through offsetting their emissions. It is vital to us that climate action is affordable and accessible to everyone – a subscription to offset your entire carbon footprint costs less than the price of a coffee per month.”

The startup also wants to scale its efforts of carbon offsetting by planting trees for every UK citizen. And believes that the latest funding will help them in achieving their target of planting 67 million trees within five years.