Campanyon Is A Travel Tech Startup For Nature Lovers

December 24, 2021 | 2 minutes read

An Oslo-based travel tech startup Campanyon aims to make nature and sustainable travel more accessible.

The travel tech startup Campanyon provides a space where campers and hosts can create relationships with each other and search their surroundings.

The platform enables adventurers and travelers to explore and book a variety of experiences from camping booking sites to cabins and tents. It also facilitates the travelers to connect with their hosts and vice versa. The startup actually wants to promote connections between like-minded people so that its users can enjoy the hosting experience and the travel with ease.

Like other industries, the travel and tourism sector has also transformed. Especially after the pandemic, the demand for travel and tourism apps has surged. This subsequently gave rise to the development of travel and tourism apps. Data shows that travel and navigation apps have surpassed 1.1 billion downloads from May to August 2021. There are multiple reasons why travel and tourism platforms are becoming common. Like easy booking under one roof, simple transactions, reducing paperwork, get real view pictures and videos. There is no doubt that travel mobile apps have become one of the most downloaded apps with vital aspects for the travel and tourism industry. And with travel apps becoming the seventh most downloaded mobile app there will be a rise in the development of travel apps and platforms.

Like other travel apps and platforms, the Campanyon team also wants to transform the landscape of the travel industry. As Campanyon said in its statement “It’s only the beginning of our journey, and we are very excited to participate in shaping the future of travel.”

The Oslo-based startup has also recently raised € 1.5 million for its travel platform one year after its first round. The funding round was led by the Schibsted Ventures.

Story Credits: EU startups