Building The ‘Future of Documents’, Platform Craft Docs Nabs $12.2M

September 05, 2022 | 2 minutes read

Bringing revolution in the field of crafting documents,  the platform Craft Docs nets funding of $12.2M.

Offering the real time syncing from any device to build documents- the platform  CraftDocs rakes $12.2M. The Budapest-based startup raised this funding in a Series B round- leading the funding was EBRD Venture Capital, with the participation from earlier backers Creandum and InReach Ventures.

Europe: A Budding Land of Innovative Startups

Europe recently has become a budding land of innovative startups that are helping businesses all around the globe to make their work efficient and simple. Such as many SaaS solutions in Europe especially after the heavy wave of pandemic are offering the  management of remote workers. Such as Lumiform and Deskbird etc.

Other than remote workforce management, around the globe many startups are also providing creative solutions to save companies from extra expenses. For instance Peech, an AI-driven content creation platform, helps companies in producing attractive videos.

CraftDocs: Transforming The World of Documents

And CraftDocs with its innovative solution is determined now more than ever in transforming the world  of document construction. Therefore, the platform will utilize this investment to scale up its user base in the collaborative document market to assist companies in managing their day-to-day workflow and also in the creation of beautiful documents.

Balint Orosz, Craft founder and CEO said:

“Craft is a significant evolution in the world of docs. We enable our customers to create an entirely new type of document format, which is powerful, beautiful and shareable. The investment will allow us to continue building out our team with the best talent, which is a very strong position to be in.”

Founded by Balint Orosz, this Hungarian platform provides real-time  syncing opportunities from any device, its UX and a deep linking functionality is the future of building the future of documents. As per the company, it has reached over one million installs in the U.S, UK, Japan and Germany.