Building future of Flexible working, Startup Valve Nets $4.5M

September 16, 2022 | 2 minutes read

Valve, a UK-based startup grabs funding of  $4.5M to redefine future of flexible worksplaces.

With an aim to enable both parties to transact more efficiently the London based flexible workplace and rental market place nets funding of  $4.5 million . In a round led by  Project A with participation from Discovery Ventures.

In recent years the workplace management software and tools  that allows companies to collaborate with their employees effectively have increased. Some of the famous ones are Lumiform, and Deskbird – since after pandemic the companies around the world are going remote due to less operational costs and high productivity of employees. Coupled with this upward trajectory this trend is not going to abort anytime soon and more and more startups with innovative solutions are going to pop up to support this trend

As of Valve which was founded in 2019 by Nick Roveta and has offices in New York and London. It offers industry leading marketing, sales and distribution solutions for operators landlords and brokerages transacting in the flexible workplace market. Valve’s motive is to fulfill this highly fragmented market to allow both parties to transact more efficiently.

With Valve’s technology, operators and landlords on the supply side can power up their sales teams with best sales tooling, distribute content and receive bookings from traditional brokerages, sites, listings and on demand apps through centralised inventory and distribution management platform

It also allows the brokers, booking platforms and portals to gain access to market intelligence, real-time flexible workspace inventory and an end-to-end booking API to integrate with their proprietary solutions and products. 


This fresh infusion of funds will help the startup expand its presence across North America and EMEA. This market is expected to hit the value of $300 billion by 2030. This startup is bound to grow as its unified system meets the logical need for all industry players in flexible workplace. As Nick Roveta, CEO at Valve said

workspace ecosystem to have one place to streamline how they partner and grow revenues together.”