BrightCHAMPS, an Edtech Startup, Has Raised $51 Million in a New Financing Round

November 08, 2021 | 2 minutes read

BrightChamps, an Edtech startup, has raised $51 million in a financing round led by Premji Invest.

BrightChamps is an Indian tech startup that aims to bridge the gap between academic curriculum and market requirements. The imbalance between market requirements and academic curriculum is a big problem. After raising $51 million, the total financing of the company has reached $63 million in only one year.

The startup is headquartered in Goa. And it aims to expand its presence in 10 nations. In this new financing round, the startup has been valued at $500 million. The services of the company include teaching programming and other such skills to the students in 10 nations including South Asia, the USA, the UK, and Canada.

The CEO and founder of BrightChamps – Ravi Bhushan –  said, that this is not only an Indian problem. But the schools of even developing nations are also failing to teach the students the required skills.

“It’s not an India problem. Schools across the globe are teaching kids how to change the style of text in Microsoft Word in the name of technology,” Bhushan said.

The startup is growing at a very rapid speed. More than a hundred thousand students, and circa one thousand teachers have already joined the platform. Similarly, one of the important features of the platform is that there is no language constraint. A student can learn from a teacher in any local language.

The most inspiring fact about the startup is that it hasn’t used the investment in getting traffic so far. All the traffic is organic and the company is planning to use the funds to further expand its services. Moreover, the company is also planning to test the peer-to-peer learning experience. The aim of the company is to build a platform like StackOverflow for the kids.

It is important to note that technology is playing its diligent role in making practical education available to all. The development of such Edtech platforms is increasing very much. And in the recent episode of the covid-19 pandemic, the necessity of online education increased. Convegenius and Teachmint are some latest Edtech startups. The mobile app development of education software is providing the students with innovative ways to learn and acquire useful skills.