Blockchain Start Up Kleoverse has raised $1.2M to Transform The Talent Hunting Process

January 26, 2022 | 3 minutes read

The Finnish Blockchain StartUp  Kleoverse has constructed a new way to aid people in finding jobs at DAOs on Web 3. Furthermore, the startup aims to showcase its Proof of talent through NFTs to battle the traditional methods of job searching.

The Global Recruitment Software Market Size is forecasted to reach US $309.58 by the year 2025. There are many HR tech startups and software that help companies in hiring relevant professionals.

Yet,  there is a huge gap in regards to technologies that can help people in finding jobs.  Kleoverse is one such startup that aims to help people in finding jobs.  And recently the unique incorporation of NFTs in the process of job hunt has helped it to score a huge amount of funding from  Founders Sfermion, and other angel investors such as crypto entrepreneur Ville Vesterinen, and Equilibrium. 

Founded in 2021 by Aleksi Loytynoja and Joni Karras . The startup Kleoverse is quite unique as it helps freelancers in the creation of professional identity in Web 3. Utilizing Blockchain, Kleoverse gives out NFTs to visualize an individual’s Web 3 Proof-of-Talent on the premise of the projects they have completed with the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAOs). The platform can replace the need for old-fashioned CVs that sometimes don’t portray the realistic image of candidates’ experience and skills. 

The DAOs also offer a range of different opportunities for various kinds of contributors. It also allows the individuals to work on their own terms, contributing to as many organizations as they want on their own terms and demands, also collecting governance tokens and NFTs as rewards for their work. 

As the number of DAOs is on an exponential rise, it is sometimes perplexing to stay updated on all the latest projects. Startup Kleoverse’s platform is a single source of all DAOs and open Web3 projects on the web. In addition to all this, it has the ability to solve the major problem of Web3 space related to the exploration of projects in the rapidly emerging field of DAOs.

 Aleksi Löytynoja, Co-Founder of Kleoverse indicating the outdated ways of talent hunting and the need for brand new methods in the digital world said

“We believe the current ways for talent signaling are inadequate and old-fashioned for our increasingly digital world. There are three major problems in the current status quo of the job-seeking market: 1) Status measures the past, not the future, 2) Status signals are indirect, thus unreliable, 3) People are treated unequally,”

Job hunting is not the first industry in which the technology of blockchain is used. The other industries like healthcare and, finance, etc are also utilizing blockchain technology. As per the stats, the use of blockchain in finance is anticipated to reach a value of US $22.5 billion by 2026. Outside finance, blockchain investments will seep into other innovative areas as well.

In correspondence to this, the services that can facilitate blockchain technology are also increasing. Such as startup Verofax which provides its services in asset digitalization and traceability. It also banked $1.5 million in investments to enhance its services.

Kleoverse has a total  100  DAOs on its platform and dozens of projects hosted already by the time of its launch. It has a total of 1,000 users signed up to its platform.