Blizzard Entertainment President steps down amid sexist workplace culture allegations.

August 04, 2021 | 1 minutes read

Blizzard Entertainment President J Allen Brack has “stepped down”, according to the World of Warcraft and Call of Duty game-makers.

Activision, the parent company said that Mr. Brack was “leaving the company to pursue new opportunities”.

The company is alleged of having a workplace culture of sexism and harassment. California is suing Activision Blizzard over alleged harassment.

Activision Blizzard has denied the allegations called the legal action “disgraceful and unacceptable”.

Many from the Activision Blizzard staff walked out in protest against the company’s culture and response to the allegations.

In a statement, Blizzard Entertainment said that Mr. Brack would be replaced by Jen Oneal and Mike Ybarra, who will co-lead the company.

The statement made no reference against the allegations put against Blizzard but it stated that the new leaders will ensure: “ensure Blizzard is the safest, most welcoming workplace possible for women, and people of any gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or background”.

In an accompanying statement, Mr. Brack thanked the Blizzard community “for their passion and determination for safety and equality for all”.

Whereas the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing who have brought up the case criticized Mr.Brack for not doing enough to ensure the safety of the staff.