Bitrefill partners with NBA Star to roll out Bitcoin Smart Sneakers

April 15, 2022 | 2 minutes read

World’s densest flexible matrix display in Bitsneaks

Stockholm-based Bitrefill partners up with Dallas Mavericks point guard Spencer Dinwiddie to bring out Bitsneaks, Bitcoin smart sneakers. These smart trainers use cellular internet technology on their soles and the application that controls the LED panel interwoven at the bottom side of the shoes. 

Founded in 2014 by Sergej Kotliar, Michael Mauritz Grünberger, and Michel Gustavsson. The entire team of Bitrefill worked hand-in-hand to introduce front lace-up fastening sneakers that will exhibit the live price of Bitcoin.

The Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery and Spencer Dinwiddie worked closely together to launch Bitsneaks. The bitcoin smart sneakers are available in a premium sneaker market that is yet to be decided and priced at 1 BTC per pair ($40,073.20 at the time of authoring). 

The limited edition of the sneakers also includes a full node and mining rig built into the packaging. An added feature of these smart sneakers is that the LED will turn to purple color when bitcoin will reach the $1 billion mark. 

Bitcoin has become a buzzword among individuals that are making them invest for the long-term store of value. Bitcoin incorporates blockchain technology that functions as a decentralized system to confirm and process transactions. By 2022, worldwide spending on blockchain solutions will reach $11.7 billion. However, with so much hype around bitcoin, the Bitrefill team comes up with the most innovative product concept featuring a bitcoin price display. 

Sergej Kotliar, Founder of Bitrefill commented:

“For us to beat giants like Nike and build what everyone said was impossible is yet another proof of what a small dedicated team like ours can do when trying to achieve something truly foolish,” 

However, the team at Bitrefill is doing great at pulling off this entire concept of Bitsneaks.