Berlin’s Parloa Brings €4M For Shaping The Customer Service With AI

May 12, 2022 | 2 minutes read

To help companies in making communication better with their customers the AI startup picks funding of €4M for its SaaS platform.

Bringing an end to poor customer service experience, Parloa bags €4M to change the way businesses are communicating with their customers. The startup received funding from VC firms such as Amsterdam-based Newion and Munich-based Senovo. Moreover, the startup also witnessed participation from prominent angel investors such as Nicolas Peters (co-founder Signavio) and Michael Wax and Erik Muttersbach (co-founders of Forto) contributed to the investment. 

The company is allowing businesses to integrate AI technology into their customer service to offer an incredible customer experience at every sort of customer service touchpoint. 

How Parloa is contributing to improve customer service experience?

Parloa utilizes automated speech recognition combined with natural language understanding. To allow companies to build automated dialogs for all relevant customer service channels including phones, website chat, messenger, and voice assistants. 

Malte Kosub, co-founder and CEO, Parloa shared his review regarding the frustrating customer experience. He said, 

 “The lack of efficiency in many call centres not only results in frustrating customer experiences and unhappy agents, harming a company’s reputation significantly but also leads to very high costs for businesses. With Parloa, we provide a unique AI solution for companies to make their customer service smarter and more cost-efficient leading to happier and more loyal customers.”

The company ensures that the AI setup it employs works exactly like a cell center agent in terms of understanding the same amount of words and contexts. Moreover, it follows a low code that makes it integrated into any tech stack effortlessly. Besides, without having the need for any sort of technical background, it can be used and trained by any employee.

Stefan Ostwald, Co-founder, CTO and CPO shared how they initiated Parloa. He said,

“We initially started as an agency for AI and built Parloa’s technology out of our own cash flow and profits. After having received huge demand for our software, we decided to make a spin-off and turned Parloa into a SaaS platform and successfully bootstrapped the company over the course of the past years into a multi-million business.”

The fresh funding that Parloa gained will be used to spruce up the operations, expand globally, to help companies make their call centers cost-efficient. Ultimately aiding them to increase their customer loyalty.  Moreover, the startup is already working with very prominent names including Admiral Direkt, the German Red Cross, Ergo, SwissLife, and HSE.