Meet Topi A New B2B Payment Solution Startup Allowing Easy B2B Transactions

December 14, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Topi, a startup from Germany is working to provide an ideal situation for B2B payments. Their payment solution will not require paperwork.

The payment solution startup Topi is providing businesses with technology and financing solutions for the digital end-to-end B2B sales processes.

Thus enabling companies to use the capital more effectively while also steering customer retention. Also, the company claims that users can easily connect with their new payment methods due to their fast API integration. Signing up for their services is so easy and it only takes minutes.

The startup claims that it offers a holistic approach to the management of all purchases in one place with user and admin accounts.  Topi wants to sculpt the best environment for B2B payments and believes the market has untapped potential. The startup has received funding of $4.5 million in pre-seed funding co-led by Index Ventures and Creadum.  The company is founded by Estelle Merle with Charlotte Pallua. The company is working on a payment solution that is fast and efficient for businesses. As Estelle told Tech Crunch that

“We’re building all of that ourselves. We’re building the first product right now and it’ll come on the market during the course of next year,”

Furthermore, she told that the payment solution would be very useful especially for expensive purchases. Topi also expects to connect its payment solution directly with the checkout flow of popular B2B merchants. The startup wants to provide customer-friendly financing options, particularly for small and medium scale enterprises. As Charlotte Pallua, co-founder of Topi said

“Companies make purchasing decisions almost on a daily basis. Yet there are no fully digital end-to-end processes in B2B sales and no customer-friendly financing offers. The result for many companies, especially SMEs, are suboptimal purchasing decisions, inefficient use of capital, or lengthy bureaucratic processes,” she says. “Our company aims to provide business customers with the opportunity to use our technology and financing solutions to change just that.”

Many B2B startups around the world are working to provide favorable e-commerce opportunities for businesses. The key reason behind this is the bulging market of B2B payments which is expected to rise around 70 billion by 2030.