B2B Payment Startup Hero Nets €12.4M For Its Full-Stack Solution

July 14, 2022 | 2 minutes read

Paris-based B2B payment startup Hero taps €12.4M for its full stack payment solution to target more SMEs with its innovative product.

The Fintech industry especially the payment space is continuing to experience lot of innovation. From embedded finance solutions to insurtech on rise- it seems like the fintech industry is  going to grow exponentially.

As per stats this year alone the fintech market is projected to reach $310 billion and by 2025 $305 billion. Due to this rise in the market new B2B payment startups are sprouting like Topi, Duhqa, and Denario.

Now taking a fresh look at the payments chain another Paris-based startup Hero has scored funding of  €12.4 million to scale its solution. In the round led by Paua Ventures, Embedded/Capital and Rapyd Ventures. Also, the further investment comes from angel investors including Princen of Stripe, Peter O’Higgins of Revolut, and Phillippe de Passorio of Adyen.

Founded in 2021 by Roland Jais Nielson, Hero is a full-stack payment solution for B2B SMEs, offering solutions from digital payments to liquidity on all sales channels. Furthermore, Hero instead of focusing on one vertical is building a horizontally integrated platform-managing both sides of translation. Therefore, it makes an impact on procure-to-pay for clients and order-to-cash for suppliers. Thus bringing streamlined and transparent underwriting to the market, providing instantaneous financing terms.

Ronald while explaining about Hero said:

“Hero started out as an intermediary to B2B transactions, taking on the financial and credit risk of both counterparties and helping them optimize their cash flows. We quickly realized that lowering cost-to-transact for SMEs also implied better underwriting, centralizing all sales channels and payment methods, third-party integration, and end-to-end automation. We built Hero around this holistic vision.”

The solution is specifically adopted by SMEs and for them it manages all sales channels whether it is online, offline, or in-store, and all payment types for any company size. This is a major transformation for SMEs, allows them to entirely streamline and optimize processes. The platform also allows seamless integrations with third party B2B software including ERPs, marketplaces and accounting tools. This approach no doubt is quite simple for SMEs.

Lastly, the startup claims that its users can create the super payment link for its customers in 3 minutes only.