Artificial Intelligence can detect Covid-19 in just 10 minutes

September 09, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Artificial Intelligence detects Covid 26%  faster than lateral flow test.

Artificial Intelligence can enable the emergency departments to perform bedside checks for Covid -19 in just 10 minutes without the need for a laboratory a study by Oxford University shows.

The AI screening test, known as Curial-Rapide utilizes routine healthcare data like blood tests and vital signs to screen patients for Covid-19. In comparison to lateral flow tests, the AI tests are more likely to identify Covid 19 in patients. These tests give results in just 45 minutes and are 26% faster than the lateral flow test.


Image Credits: Council of Europe

The principal researcher Andrew Soltan and clinical fellow at John Radcliffe Hospital, said  “This technology can help hospitals run more smoothly and may make a particularly big difference for smaller hospitals where there isn’t a lab on-site.CURIAL is an example of how the collaborative strength of the NHS, bringing together universities with hospitals across the country, is helping to build an evidence base for safe and responsible use of clinical AI.”

National Health Service (NHS), with other five trusts, University Hospitals Birmingham, Portsmouth University, and Bedfordshire Hospitals performed AI tests on 72,0000 admissions. It provided reliable negative results for uninfected patients up to 98.8% of the time and was 21% more useful in the identification of Covid-19 positive than lateral flow tests.

No wonder Artificial Intelligence is impacting every aspect of human life including healthcare as it is making the healthcare industry faster and efficient.