Apple’s latest iOS and macOS third developer betas undo some of Safari’s controversial new design

July 15, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Apple has just come out with its third developer betas for the upcoming iOS 15 macOS Monterey bringing some much-called-for fixes to Safari namely fixed some of the controversial changes introduced in the earlier versions.

iOS is getting a more sophisticated design if we talk about the URL bar while macOS gets the normal tab bar from the previous design back. 

iOS 15 will be keeping the new tab view and the moved URL bar to the bottom, the only exception made is that it will not bounce to the top of the screen when you select it. It’s locked there permanently. Apple made another addition in the form of a refresh option to the pop-over menu when you refresh and hold the URL tab. These changes will bring more cohesion to the design and convenience to use.

iOS 15

Apple just brought back part of its Big Sur for Safari tabs and URL bar, addressing the complaints to the combined URL/bar setup that it came out within the earlier betas. The latest beta has the URL bar at the top of each Safari menu with a row of tabs beneath it. It’s definitely an improved design than the real beta but if you preferred the new one, it still is an option too according to 9to5Mac.

Apple won’t be releasing the new OS latest updates until fall, there’s still time for additional changes to Safari across all Apple platforms.