Apple signals at new coronavirus and software development troubles ahead of iPhone 13 release

July 27, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Apple has been consistently public about its coronavirus concerns, taking due steps before anyone else. 

The general reluctance to get the covid-19 vaccine for the US population has raised concerns even when the vaccine was made available throughout the spring and summer. Heading into the fall, the coronavirus cases are raising leaving officials and Apple worried for the future. 

The tech giant has consistently taken steps to ensure safety as the delaying return-to-office plans until October at the earliest. Apple was one of the first to warn about disruptions from the coronavirus back in February of last year before the World Health Organization declared the Pandemic in March and the governments starting placing lockdowns subsequently. 

More eyes than usual will be on Tim Cook as he speaks to the Wall Street analysts following the release of the company’s fiscal third-quarter report. Apple’s fiscal third-quarter which ended in June is typically the last earnings report before the company announces its new annual iPhones. But last year at this time, Cook & Co. informed investors that the iPhone will be delayed for a “few weeks” from its regular September launch. There’s good reason to believe Apple could pull the same string, due to the combination of worsening coronavirus cases around the world and warnings from major chip buyers and manufacturers that product shortages may continue for another year or more. 

“We have a long way to go yet,” Pat Gelsinger, head of chipmaking giant Intel, told the Wall Street Journal last week.

Apple’s expected to report $1 of profit per share, according to analyst surveys published by Yahoo. That would amount to a jump of 50% from the same time a year, nearly $73 billion in revenue.

But the question of possible coronavirus disruptions looms around the corner, making it a bigger concern for Apple’s software development and apps.