iOS 15 has new AI features: The major Apple event brings new products

September 15, 2021 | 2 minutes read

iOS ,iPadOS15 and WatchOS unveiled at Apple Event. Here are the major highlights of the event.

Apple in its much-awaited event announced the new Apple products thus shutting down all the rumors in the market . This product launch took place at its “ California Streaming” virtual launch. However, the next major release of the operating system for iPhones, iOS 15 will arrive on September 20. The iPadOS 15 will appear on the same day and the watch OS 8 will also be available for the Apple Watch as well.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook with iPhone 13 Pro Max & Apple Watch Series 7 during a special event at Apple Park.
(Image Credits ZD net.)

New Apple…New Features:

The iOS and iPadOS 15  will have several new features and design alterations. The new iPadOS 15 allows the widgets to reside on the home screen rather than being relegated to their dedicated screen. The amazing feature of multitasking makes it easy for the user to control and launch multiple concurrent applications and a new notification summary view shows notifications that are most relevant at the given time.

The new feature also enables the user to create profiles for work, gaming, family time, and other categories. The users will also see different applications and notifications in each Focus view and users ’ currently selected Focus will be synchronized across all the other devices.

AI-Powered Features:

Also, several features like Safari and Weather in iOS and iPadOS15   were redesigned. The new AI-based features throughout the OS, like the option to type in semantic search terms and be shown relevant photos plus the  AI-powered “human following” zoom and digital pan, called Center Stage, formerly limited to iPad Pro now comes to iPad Mini as well.

The watchOS 8 brings the new watch faces and new ways to see and share photos with the Apple Watch, also improved text editing, support for the new smart home features, and new ways to use wallets. 

iOS 15, iPad OS15, and watch OS 8 will have free updates for supported devices when they are released.

After Apple facing a huge privacy backlash on image screening feature for child protection  to facing threats of viruses attacking its products just before the launch. This event can be considered as successful as it met all the much anticipated expectations.