Apple will let you carry your vaccination card in your iPhone

September 23, 2021 | 2 minutes read

The new iPhone software will allow users to add a COVID-19 vaccination card into their Apple wallets.

The iOS 15 will allow users to download and store health records with the inclusion of the COVID-19 vaccination cards into Apple wallets and present it to businesses, venues, and more. This update will also allow users to store the vaccination card in the health apps.

The verifiable health records in the health application are based on the SMART health Cards specification. This per se feature will take advantage of the international SMART Health Cards standard, this system is already in use in several countries to produce the proof of vaccination. This not only liberates users from carrying their vaccination cards physically but also facilitates them in sharing their vaccination records stored in the health app with the third party requesting this information like airlines, and event venues, etc. 

The tech giant also promises to ensure the privacy of all the data plus the company also won’t have access to the data and all the information will be safely encrypted before being transferred elsewhere. Apple will also be unable to see how the user has used the vaccination card and the users will only be able to share information with the approved party but only on a one-time basis.

Earlier this week, the news emerged that iOS 15  has a health application that will enable its users to directly share their health data with the doctors via their electronic health records. And will also allow the doctors to keep a direct eye on their patients like monitoring their heart rate and blood pressure etc. 

Healthcare applications and software, no doubt have become common due to their increased utility, especially after the pandemic. Hospitals and clinics are also moving towards healthcare app development because these apps facilitate the doctors in establishing constant connections with their patients on the other hand also allow the patients to safely connect with their doctors.