No satellite phones for you by Apple

September 07, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Apple’s dynamic phones possessing the ability of  texting and calling  anyone, anywhere without the use of the cellular network  are not going to release anytime soon

Last week the reports indicating that iPhone 13 would allow the users to text and call by connecting to satellites when they don’t have cellular coverage were creating waves. But it was too soon to be excited and happy as a new report by Bloomberg indicates that these phones are not coming anytime soon.

According to Bloomberg Apple has no plans of creating a satellite iPhone. As per the outlet’s opinion, Apple hardware is not ready to support calling and texting without cell coverage. Other than being expensive it can make the mobile carriers companies also very angry.

Not preparing or launching a satellite phone right now doesn’t mean nothing is going on. As per the report in Bloomberg Apple is reportedly designing alike features for emergency situations in remote areas. The phone would allow the users to send texts to report an accident.  

If Apple develops it..How will it work?

An iPhone with satellite connectivity will work like any other satellite phone, which is mostly used by people who need to have communication from far-flung areas. This phone can benefit people like scientists, aid workers and soldiers dispatched to remote areas where cell towers may not exist.

It is in no way a traditional phone:

If Apple does make a satellite iPhone, then it will be able to offer limited connectivity. And users won’t be able to connect with anyone through satellite if a faint cellular signal is present where they are.

It seems like Apple is in the whirl of trouble as earlier this week the tech giant was criticized by data protection and privacy experts for a privacy breach when it announced to scan users’ images for preventing child sexual abuse. The company had to announce a delay in its program related to child protection. As most of the users were appreciating Apple’s satellite phone initiative and fans were eagerly waiting to use it. It seems like Apple has delayed this invention too. But let’s hope we get news of its release anytime soon as this feature will be useful in an emergency situation or in areas where cellular signals are not available.