Apple is allowing you to carry digital ID cards. Wait..Say cheese and take selfie first

July 29, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Yes!! the upcoming iOS 15 allows users to carry government issued IDs, allowing the users to have digital versions of their credentials one click away.

 iOS 15 is on the way, with various brand new features such as an update to the wallet app that lets the  users carry digital versions of their government issued ID cards like drivers license etc on their iPhone.

How Apple is making this possible?

Right now, not much is known about this update but according to the code uncovered by 9to5Mac in the latest version of the iOS 15 for developers reveals that Apple might be using facial recognition.Interestingly, selfies to authenticate the digital ID cards when including them to your wallet.

How does this  work?

Well, validation via selfies is not something new as some banking apps require selfies from users to confirm access to new devices.

But the per se system is constructed by Apple utilising the built-in technologies of the iPhone.


The on boarding process is very much similar to face ID setup. 

Although, here the animation will guide you in order to capture your face in various positions, such as looking sideways, opening your mouth ,raising an eyebrow, and even smiling.

Step 2:

Another piece of code explains that photos will be analysed or processed via on-device analysis. Surely, after the ID card is successfully included in the Wallet app, you will be able to use it with simple face confirmation.

Apple is all up for Privacy……

Yes! Apple is indicating that in future  it can make this system available to developers to enhance user authentication keeping  privacy in mind.

This new technology introduced by Apple is appreciated widely. As  Chris Messina the Head of West Coast Business Development at Republic (a well known company which guides silicon valley developers on gaining money and approaching investors) termed this step as not ignorable.

Apple’s iOS 15 allows you to carry digital ID cards … but wait do you need a selfie for this??