Apple Introduces 3D Map Feature Already Present in Tourism Apps

September 28, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Apple introduces the new 3D view of the maps for its users with its major iOS 15 updates.

Apple in its blog post has announced that with the release of new iOS 15 updates the users will be able to experience the  3D view of the map. Thus, offering details about driving routes with better navigation, immersive walking, and directions displayed in augmented reality, etc. It seems like Apple is a little too late in the introduction of these features because most of the travel and tourism applications are offering these features already.

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The other features introduced by Apple in its 3D maps are unprecedented details for neighborhoods, commercial districts, buildings, marinas,  details to aid drivers to navigate more safely, proper display of nearby stations, and 3D earth view. Other than this, the ETA allows users to share an estimated time of arrival with family, coworkers, and friends.

So most of the features introduced by Apple are already present in the travel and tourism apps. But these apps also have additional features such as users can buy airplane tickets, book hotel rooms,  translate native language with a language translation feature, and much more.

Because of these diverse features, the trend of usage of travel and tourism applications is increasing especially after the pandemic because most of the travel apps now compiled with maps show current Coronavirus restrictions, entry regulations, virus containments, lockdown status, and the detailed graphs highlighting the number of cases in each area thus determining the level of safety in every area or country user travels in.

Although some of the new features introduced by Apple are the indoor maps for airports and malls that enable the user to look for restrooms inside the mall or building and even find out which stores and restaurants are open. The iOS 15 also introduces the “step-by-step” walking guidance in augmented reality. Here the users simply have to raise the iPhone to scan buildings in the vicinity to deliver the detailed directions that can be viewed in relation to the real world. 

Apple in its much anticipated Apple event released its major products earlier this month to facilitate its users.  This Apple event was a huge success especially after the privacy backlash the country had to face because of the image scanning feature it introduced to curb child sexual violence.