Apple Health App Now Allows Users To Import Their Digital Health Records

October 07, 2021 | 2 minutes read

With the new iOS15 update in the Apple devices, users can now import their digital health records including test results and Covid vaccination cards.

iPhone users can now share and import verifiable COVID-19 status records via Apple Health App. This can allow users easy access to venues with the help of a digital health pass.

The development comes after the release of the latest operating software for Apple’s mobile devices, iOS 15. Apple has taken this initiative as a joint venture with the  Clear app. Here, the user has to download the Clear app then undergo biometric identity verification with a selfie. The user then can import the digital health records such as COVID test results or vaccination status from the Apple Health app.

Recently, Apple has allowed doctors to keep eye on patient metrics like blood pressure or sugar levels, etc via its Apple Health app. The demand and the market for health app development have surged reasonably high, especially after the COVID 19. According to recent stats, there was a 53% rise in the use of medical and health apps in the second quarter of 2021.

Apple Health App. Image Credits: Pocket-lint


From ordering food to booking rides people are now excessively dependent upon mobile applications. This has surely given rise to mobile app development whether it is for health, education, or entertainment purposes.