For Mobile App Developers, Now It’s Easy To Monitor the App Performance

October 11, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Apple’s App Store Connect now allows the developers, to check the metrics in regards to Apps’ sales or download performance.

Apple has recently announced a minor update to its App Store Connect, featuring the new transaction metrics in App Analytics. The purpose of this update is to enable the developers to record the performance of their app.  

App Store Connect Help. Image Credits: Apple

With this update, the developers will be able to view the powerful new transaction with the inclusion of re-downloads,  proceeds, pre-orders, and updates. This measuring system displayed in relation to territory,  source type, and device, etc will also help the developers comprehend the factors responsible for mobile application growth and success. 

App Store Connect is actually the platform used by developers to upload and manage App store applications. And this update can really help the mobile app developers in tracking the app performance. Before the per se update the App Store Connect helped the developers in measuring the data such as first-time downloads, conversion rate, usage by territory, and more.

Regarding this new update the company  in its blog post said:

“App Analytics in App Store Connect helps you see how people discover and engage with your app. Now you can view powerful new transaction metrics, including redownloads, total downloads, proceeds, pre-orders, and updates. Each metric can be displayed by territory, source type, device, and more, helping you understand what drives your app’s growth and success.

In addition, as of September 20, 2021, all sales metrics include data from Apple School Manager and Apple Business Manager, and from devices running iOS 7, macOS 10.14, tvOS 8, and earlier.”

The reason Apple issued this update is to facilitate the mobile app developers in keeping eye on the performance of their App. So that they can improve the app in accordance with the real-time statistics being provided to them by the App Store Connect. Because since after the pandemic a large number of people from ordering food to booking rides depend upon mobile apps. Therefore, also giving rise to the development of mobile applications, subsequently also raising the competation.

As latest stats, also indicate that with the increased usage of mobile apps, the industry is now expecting to generate over $150 billion in consumer app spend by 2022.  Another research points out that by 2023 the mobile app revenues will increase to $935 million