Amsterdam’s Lalaland Brings In €2.1M For A More Inclusive Fashion Experience

June 10, 2022 | 2 minutes read

The Dutch startup Lalaland grabs €2.1M in pre-seed A round for its AI-powered fashion model generators.

The fashion tech startup was founded in 2019 by Michael Musandu and Ugnius Rimsa to build cost-effective AI-driven fashion model generators for an inclusive fashion experience. 

The funding round was led by Orange Wings and Unknown Group. The tech startup witnessed investment participation from different angel investors including Bart de Wilde Former Nike General Manager,  Christina Caljé from Autheos, and Google’s Amhard Ford and Thorsten Koch. 

Lalaland uses AI to allow fashion brands and retailers to use hyper-realistic models regardless of body type, size, and skin tone. The company aims to offer a highly personalized and sustainable shopping experience for retailers, fashion brands, and customers. Moreover, the body-inclusive avatars have proved to reduce the 15% cost of conventional photoshoot with its virtual fashion model platform. 

Lalaland founder and CEO Michael Musandu shared his opinions regarding his product: 

“Our product is centred around solving the issues of consumers who feel underrepresented in terms of ethnicity, gender identity, and body representation. So, we want to work with people who can relate to these issues, in order to facilitate positive change in co-creation.”

Moreover, AI technology has not just revolutionized the IT industry but the fashion brands are also integrating AI in the fashion industry to reach new heights of success in the fashion market. Owing to this popularity, many fashion startups are including AI-enabled features to offer a more inclusive shopping experience to customers.

With the new funding, the fashion tech startup plans for its commercial expansion and hires a great pool of talent for the company. Also, the startup has also onboarded some giant fashion retailers in Europe including Wehkamp, Otto, and Zalando. 

Shawn Harris, Founder and CEO Orange Wings shared:

“This is a unique opportunity to help retailers and brands truly create positive change in the fashion industry and to reduce returns and ultimately waste.”