Amazon asked the warehouse employees to put masks back on

August 09, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Amazon has asked all the US warehouses employees to start wearing masks again starting this Monday even if they are vaccinated amidst the rising delta variant infections.

This move has come in after Amazon announced that they are delaying the office return for the corporate employees until early next year. This highlights how one of the largest corporate employers is rethinking its coronavirus policies amidst the raising delta variant cases.

“In response to the concerning spread of new Covid-19 variants in the US and guidance from public health authorities and our own medical experts, we are requiring face coverings indoors regardless of vaccination status,” said Kelly Nantel, an Amazon spokesperson, in a statement to CNN Business.

“We are monitoring the situation closely and will continue to follow local government guidance and work closely with leading medical healthcare professionals, gathering their advice and recommendations as we go forward to ensure our buildings are optimized for the safety of our teams,” Nantel said.

Companies are being stringent in regards to their coronavirus policies because of the worsening situations and some are asking their employees to get the vaccination shots but Amazon hasn’t decided to impose that yet. Although Nantel declined to comment whether they are considering making vaccination mandatory.

Amazon had previously issued relaxation in mask policies for the vaccinated employees by May 24. Amazon also announced to stop providing the on-site vaccination facility as the vaccines are widely available now.