AI Technology to Help Compensate for the Labor Shortage

October 13, 2021 | 2 minutes read

AI technology is now ready to introduce efficient robots to automate the processes and help the dearth of laborers in the agriculture sector. 

After the pandemic, the agriculture sector of the US and Europe is moving towards AI-Powered robots. The agriculture sector of the U.S and Europe is one of the affected sectors as migrant workers were unable to travel across the countries. This is why the winemakers are focussing on automated robots to compensate for the shortage of laborers

The aim of introducing automation in agriculture is to reduce the cost of labor as well as include efficiency in different operations. Moreover, with the technological advancements, even rural youth is abandoning agriculture. Lack of recognition, respect and monitory assistance are some of the many other major reasons for people leaving this department. However, this is not a new development as AI is rendering its services in the agriculture sector for some time now.

Similarly, as the population across the globe is increasing at an unprecedented speed, the need for eatables is also increasing. In this context, it will not be wrong to say that the pandemic has proved a blessing in disguise. Because pandemic-led implications have infused technological solutions in different sectors. Moreover, it has been assessed by many experts that the inculcation of AI-powered robots in wine is a good step, especially in vineyards, because this will not only help in case of shortage of labor force but it can also produce better tasting wine.

“The new system entails different trellises so the vine is higher up off the ground, so it has better flavor, it has better color, which winemakers desire,” one researcher told CBS Sacramento

There is not even a single iota of doubt that the applications of AI are becoming more and more evident over time. French manufacture – PellencI – has revealed that the demand for automated grape harvesters has doubled this year.  Other than that, the applications of AI in the healthcare and education sector can also be identified which stresses that the world is rapidly moving towards artificially intelligent software and hardware. This potentially establishes that artificial intelligence is in boom and there is a high demand for AI in the market.