AI-Based Technology Can Now Reduce Air pollution

October 06, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Google is building Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered technology that can control traffic lights and reduce pollution.

Tech giant Google is working on a project that could utilize AI to make traffic lights more efficient. According to Google, this will also aid in decreasing pollution levels in general. The per se project is among the new software initiatives inside Google to fight climate change.

Google will use AI technology to assess the traffic conditions at city’s intersections. Google’s Chief Sustainability Officer Kate Brandt said that one of the company’s AI research groups has calculated and gather  data in relation to this project. In addition to this, the company has also  trained a model to optimize the inefficient intersections in the city. Initially, Google has run pilot projects of this technology in Israel. And in a statement the tech company  said that it observed  “10 to 20” percent reduction in fuel and  decrease in intersection delay time. 

Image Credits: Google

Brandt announced that on the basis of these promising results the company is aiming to release  pilot projects in Rio de Janeiro. And also wants to take this project further to other cities around the globe
Artificial Intelligence technology has become part of our everyday life. From predicting pandemics to curing cancer AI has facilitated the mankind in every way possible. AI-based technology now days is extensively  being used in mobile application development too.