Start-Up Kalendar AI’s Sales Bots Will Help You Win Your Next Customer

December 16, 2021 | 2 minutes read

The San Francisco-based AI startup Kalendar AI shortens the process of lead generation and sales outreach.

The America-based startup Kalendar AI is constructing a top GPT-3 language model-developing a SaaS for automating the process of lead generation and sales. Thus making it easier for companies to get initial meetings with prospective clients.

The startup claims that its technology outreaches to the next customer and inbound them into a one-to-one meeting. 

Kalendar AI claims to have engaged 340 million ideal customer profiles upon which they use AI sales rep bots to send pitches.  With the inclusion of interactive and personalized pitches like presentations that change into one-click meetings to similar customers. This SaaS application was launched in February 2021 although the startup initially called itself Kriya Inc founded in 2017 and before pre-seed funding the startup had been bootstrapping. The inherent idea of B2B products is to automate the expensive and time-consuming sales outreach process which includes locating and pitching leads as well as offering tools to streamline the process. Additionally enhancing the initial sales meeting. In short, this startup is the classic example of how you can implement AI-powered software in your business

The founder and CEO of the startup Ravi Vadrevu  in this regard said 

“Our AI technology writes personalized invitations to ideal customers with personalized decks — inviting them to take a meeting.” Vaderu also claims that the solution reduces the time from seven days to 30 seconds from a sales perspective.

Furthermore, Verderu also explained that from where startup gets hundreds and millions of potential customers data he told Tech Crunch “We have our own data sets that we built over years from publicly available information.” He also specified that it uses Common Crawl, an open-source repository of the internet, to collect “publicly available metadata information” and “form an index for searching. We only engage people on their business email and don’t store any personal information. We disclaim this in the footer of every interaction that our technology predicted their business email in real-time using machine learning patterns.”

The company has also recently raised the $3.2 million funding from VC firms Village Global, Meta popular, and 500 startups.