With 78 different threats to ML& AI systems, Security Start Up Troj AI nets $3M for its Security Solution

January 06, 2022 | 3 minutes read

Saint Jhones security Startup Troj AI snags $3M  in seed funding for the development of its software that can be used to secure data, identify, track and reduce risks regarding AI attacks.

The AI attacks are fundamentally different from traditional cyber attacks. The traditional cyber-attacks are caused by bugs. Whereas, the AI attacks take place by inherent limitations present in the underlying AI algorithms which cannot be fixed. Keeping this persistent threat to the digital world in view. The Saint Jones-based security startup Troj AI has developed software that can track, identify, and lower AI risks.

The startup has gathered funding of $3 million in a seed funding round. This investment was co-led by firm Flying Fish Ventures, and Atlantic Canadian VC Build Ventures.  Troj says that this funding will help the company expand its team and move from minimum viable to commercial products this year. 

There are five areas that are mainly affected by artificial intelligence attacks like the military, law enforcement, content filters, civil society, and traditional human-based tasks replaced by AI. These are some of the most vulnerable sites for attack and with the passage of time these areas are growing out to be more vulnerable due to the increase in the acquisition of artificial intelligence for critical tasks. And the Troj AI  aims to secure the artificial intelligence platforms from hackers.  

The AI attacks are dangerous and at the same time lethal for the systems. There are different forms like input attack which is actually the intentional manipulation of the AI system with the end goal of causing malfunction.

These attacks can occur in various forms like manipulating what is fed into the AI system to disrupt it. Manipulating the system allows the attackers to affect the output of the system. Another type is poisoning attacks where corrupting the process during which the AI system is created with the intention of making the system behave in a way the attacker desires.

The relevancy of Troj AI in the cyber security ecosystem is undeniable. Especially because of the use of AI in almost every sector of society like in healthcare, business, education, and eCommerce. This has also led to the development of AI and ML mobile applications and software. And their security in this regard is of utmost importance. Troj AI co-founders Stephen Goddard and James Stewart told huddle that the investors initially wanted to invest $2 million in seed funding. But they showed so much interest that the startup raised $4million. There is no doubt that AI technology will expand more than last year. Suffice to say, that the investor’s interest in the security solutions for AI platforms is not surprising.

Goddard stated that AI is “ reorganizing the world as we currently know it”. He further said that it is operating in almost every industry from robotics to the medical industry and much more. 

Companies can battle the AI-based cyberattacks by monitoring their logs and by keeping eye on each and every pattern in their codes.

Story Credits: Huddle