AI-powered robots can make agriculture more sustainable

September 27, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered robots are now entering the agricultural field, experts are saying this system can be more sustainable than traditional agriculture.

The new AI-powered system developed by a Silicon Valley start-up ensures a more sustainable agricultural system than the traditional method of farming and it also ensures to reduce the carbon print and supply relevant nutrients to the plants by assessing their needs.

The new AI system can help the farmers in examining plant needs and then supply nutrients in accordance with the requirements. This whole system as per the views of the experts is quite efficient as it ensures that each plant gets optimal levels of water, sunshine, and nutrients. This whole setup also involves robotic technology such as the robot named Grover that is in charge of carrying plants to the dosing station where it hands off the produce to Ada, a robotic arm. In addition to this, the setup also involves sensors that aid to check the nutrients level in plants and any other ingredients required in the plant for healthy growth. After scanning the plants, the customized doses of nutrients can be supplied to plants via the hydroponics system.

In this way, the farms cannot only save water but can also produce little waste. Thus the AI helping the farms assessing the specific needs of their plants can produce better results subsequently also reducing the environmental impact. This technology is built by start-up Iron Ox that has also secured $53 million from investors including Bill Gates.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered technologies surely possess the great potential of serving every sector of society. From health to education every sector is using AI to become more efficient. 

AI no doubt has the ability to make the work efficient. So suffice it is to say that it is time to remove the myths we have regarding AI technology because consider this or not but AI technology is our future.