AI Platform PeakData Nets €12.1M To Link Healthcare Professionals With Pharma

August 22, 2022 | 2 minutes read

Connecting healthcare professionals with pharma for better treatments, the AI platform peakdata nets  €12.1M 

With its platform that allows pharmaceutical companies to outline the healthcare professionals (HCPs), PeakData nabs investment of €12.1 million. The Swiss startup using AI witnessed this funding in a round led by AlbionVC with Octopus Ventures and Heal Capital also participating.

Technology Has Revolutionized Health

Technology without any doubt has revolutionized the industry by providing better patient care,  and accurate medical diagnostics etc. Also, the role of telehealth cannot be denied especially during the pandemic.

Mainly because of these, and tons of advantages heath tech has brought to people. It seems like this sector is going to grow more as also evident from new startups entering the market such as Patchwork, Klinik Pintar, Easocare, Pillsorted and Migrevenation etc.

AI Platform Connecting Pharma With Healthcare Professionals

Now this European startup launched in 2018, enables the pharmaceutical companies to enhance their learning about their customer base and learn more about HCPs that are most relevant to their target market.

Furthermore, the platform uses AI algorithms to rank these HCPs in terms of their digital impact and relevance to their target market. It  also utilizes dynamic data to observe changes in HCP status over time.

Meaning that not only pharma companies can find and personalize their communication with top tier experts.  But the platform also assists them to identify the emerging influencers among local treating physicians.

With its aim to reach the patients faster the team has built a platform that is capable of searching through millions of digital records to find information about HCPs. What sets PeakData apart is the scope-mapping with up to 90% of HCPs in any therapeutic area covered giving pharma.

Peak Data because of its unique services has reported 6X growth in 2021 and is now being used by over half of Europe’s largest pharma companies. It has also subsequently increased its head count from 12-70 over the past year.

However, with this fresh injection of funds the startup will develop its product  and support its growth plan. And plans to expand its services to big pharmaceutical companies around the globe.