AI-Driven Content Creation Startup Peech Nets $8.3M In Seed Funding

August 02, 2022 | 2 minutes read

Peech, an AI-driven content creation platform for brands gathers investment of $8.3M in Seed funding

AI fueled content generation startup Peech nabs investment of $8.3M in a round led by  Ibex Investors. Also witnessing participation from Cardumen Capital, Fresh Fund as well as angel investors Nas Daily, Ariel Maislos, and others.

The startup after success of its beta program with SimilarWeb, Hibob, Circle, Natural Intelligence and much more- now plans to open the platform up to new customers and will utilize the funding to expand its AI capabilities and to diversify its media content creation solution.

Other than Peech there are dozens of AI startups such as DXwand, RosterLab, FruitScout, Flapkap and KalendarAI etc. The reason behind this exponential growth of AI startups is its application in almost every sector of society from healthcare to ecommerce. And figures indicate that the global AI market is anticipated to reach $267 billion by 2027.

Indubitably, AI with a bunch of advantages including ability to automate and predict has totally altered the technology landscape. And now Peech in the same way with its  automatic video editing solution leverages machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) technology to transform the in-house media content into branded videos.

Ai-Driven Content Creation Startup Peech
Before and after using peech. Image Credits: GeekTime

Its algorithm analyzes the verbal content of the speaker and adds visual elements that are calibrated with the company’s brand book, the context of the speaker’s content, the desired distribution channel and the specific marketing goals.

Co-founded by Danielle Dafni and Johnathan Amit Kanarek in 2020. The Peech sync with each company’s brand look, marketing goals, videos content and visual assets. That can help the content marketing teams seamlessly collaborate and create professional videos in seconds. In this way the brands can end their dependency on external experts and tools

One of the founders Danielle Dafni in this regard said:

 “With Peech, brands are able to remove their dependency on external experts, tools, or websites, allowing content teams to create high quality video content by themself, while maintaining professional and branded standards.”