AI Technology Can Now Predict Risks Posed by Climate Change

October 13, 2021 | 2 minutes read

A new  Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered software will now assist people in preparing for climate risks.

The new AI-based software launched by IBM can now aid organizations to effectively respond to climate change risks. In addition to this, businesses with the help of this software can more easily assess their own environmental impact on the planet. 

The Environmental Intelligence Suite of IBM will work by combining the weather data, climate risk analytics, and carbon accounting capabilities. This will surely reduce the complexity of regulatory compliance for companies. Undoubtedly, companies around the world face huge damage to their assets in relation to climate change. This subsequently also disturbs the supply chain thus interrupting the production, raising costs and prices. Also, the increased number of shoppers around the world are willing to pay more for environment friendly products as the recent study by Green Print also indicated.

The Suite announced by IBM simply aims to help companies to streamline and automate the management of environmental risks. And operationalize the underlying process with the inclusion of carbon reduction and accounting in order to mitigate the climate change risks. This is not the first time AI is being used to save the planet from the adverse effects of climate change. 

Earlier this month, Google has announced that it is building AI-powered technology that will help in controlling traffic lights which will also eventually help in reducing pollution. Other than this, artificial intelligence has vast applications in almost every sector of society. From hospitals to educational institutions AI-based technologies help in carrying out tasks with more efficiency and efficacy. This has also subsequently increased the need for the development of AI-powered software. 

With these applications, AI-driven technology is surely going to increase. As statistics also suggest that the global Artificial Intelligence based technology is indicated to grow from $47.7 billion in 2021 to $360.36 billion in 2028.